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Covid & Black Syllabus Vol. 2

Public Health Is Social Justice; Social Justice Is Public Health: The Essential Work Of Louisiana Public Defenders During A Public Health Pandemic

"Ryan K. Thompson & Jessica F. Hawkins"

With precision accuracy, Ryan K. Thompson and Jessica F. Hawkins analyze the risk COVID-19 poses to one of the most vulnerable populations, incarcerated individuals. “So why should the public care about this public health crisis?” the authors ask,  “because Louisiana jails are revolving doors that will allow COVID-19 to spread like wildfire in a California brush area.” Their recommendations for slowing this potential catastrophe are clearly stated and sorely needed. 


Why COVID-19 is Hitting Black Women So Hard

Treva Lindsey @divafeminist

In one of the most impactful pieces I’ve read thus far, Professor Treva Lindsey refuses to let Black women’s particular concerns and needs be overlooked. Caught in social double jeopardy with the interlocking oppressions of race and gender, Black women will be left in particular danger if specific actions aren’t taken soon.


Republicans Could Use the Coronavirus to Suppress Votes Across the Country. This Week We Got a Preview

Carol Anderson @ProfCAnderson

Voter suppression is one of the most dangerous threats to our democracy, and the GOP is already proving they will not cease to exploit this opportunity. Wisconsin - which is home to Milwaukee, the most segregated city in America - and has a notorious reputation for employing the most sophisticated gerrymandering techniques, made national news by refusing to enact measures to protect citizens’ health and their right to the franchise. 


The Black Plague

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor @KeeeangaYamahtta

Dr. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor channels the legendary novelist James Baldwin’s assessment of what's necessary for racial reconciliation in America: “To fulfill the promise that Black lives matter, the United States must change in systemic and not superficial ways.”


The coronavirus will devastate the South because politicians let poverty do so first

Rev. Dr. William Barber @RevDrBarber and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove @wilsonhartgrove

Evoking the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Dr. William Barber, and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove remind us that race and class are inseparable and that “the lie of Southern politics has been that the poor are to blame for their poverty.” Voter suppression, budget cuts to healthcare, and lack of economic opportunity put ALL Southerners in a particularly precarious position during this crisis. 


--Created by Dr. Tré Watkins @proftremoney247

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