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Charles (Tré) L. Watkins III, Ph.D.

Scholar & Educator

A Passion for Higher Learning

Dr. Tré Watkins is known for his inspiring courses and his body of scholarly work in Education for Social Justice, to uplift and amplify the experiences of community making in higher education for Black students.

"Education and work are the levers to uplift a people."

W. E. B. Du Bois

Regular Black Folk

The original final copies of these works have unfortunately been lost. However, these are the raw and unedited final drafts of the Regular Black Folk writing series.

COVID & Black

I love Black people. Unapologetically and without conditions. I desire to understand and interpret societal issues that directly impact our livelihood. With the abundance of COVID-19 news, it is crucial to be critical consumers of information because while being informed is good, being misinformed can be harmful. It is essential to acknowledge that mainstream media is only now, too little and too late at this point, beginning to talk about the racial and economic disparities apparent in the pandemic. For this reason, I have compiled this syllabus to specifically address the unique impact that COVID-19 has on Black Americans.

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