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Covid & Black Syllabus Vol. 4

  • Three months in: A timeline of how COVID-19 has unfolded in the US

  • @USAToday USA Today


  • To analyze the current moment and plan for a brighter future, we must first understand how we got here. This timeline provides a reliable source for tracking how the media has shaped the spread of COVID-19 information. 



  • The Coronavirus Was an Emergency Until Trump Found Out Who Was Dying

  • Adam Sewer @Adam Sewer - The Atlantic 


  • In a scathing critical review of the current administration’s handling of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Adam Sewer explains that the racial contract that exists between America and its Black citizens has been laid bare. As history has often shown us, the sacrifices made for the “greater good” are frequently shouldered by those who have already given their all.


  • How Racism Is Shaping the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Isaac Chotiner @IChotiner - New Yorker 


  • “So it’s something that black people either do or what’s in their bodies that makes them more susceptible to disease, rather than observers looking directly at the social conditions that have produced higher rates of obesity and hypertension and other comorbidities that seem to have an impact on who’s more susceptible to the coronavirus.” I couldn’t have said better myself.



  • Part 6 Under the Blacklight: COVID in Confinement

  • African American Policy Forum 

  • @AAPolicyForum

  • Another rockstar intellectual class joins Kimberlee Williams Crenshaw to discuss the unique ways that COVID-19 is affecting confined individuals. From those who are incarcerated to immigrants to victims of domestic abuse, the needs of the most vulnerable populations must be considered in any plans to move forward. 

  • Josie Duffy Rice @jduffyrice

  • Nina A Kohn @NinaKohn

  • Marc Lamont Hill @marclamonthill

  • Rebecca Nagle @rebeccanagle

  • Ravi Ragbir 


-- Created by Dr. Tré Watkins @proftremoney247

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